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Bizrate Insights Inc., doing business as Bizrate Insights, is a market research company, providing consumer ratings information to over 6,000 retailers and publishers across the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Canada. Bizrate Insights is a Meredith Corporation company based in Los Angeles, CA.Bizrate Insights provides services to both businesses and consumers in two different ways: consumers have access to ratings and reviews from verified buyers that help to inform their purchase decisions. This feedback can be found on the Bizrate website and is syndicated across the web to major search engines such as Google and Bing. Bizrate Insights provides businesses with customer satisfaction insights about consumers, advanced analytics, and competitive benchmarks across all types of online retail industries.

A fomer software engineer shared in a review "Bizrate Insights salary is way below market rate (about 20-25%) There is a lack of long term planning on the business side such as:

  • Being assigned to work on things you were not hired for.
  • Lack of work because of external resources that are blocking.

You will spend a lot of time in meetings and most of them are spent on "rituals" without much actual value. A lot of time will be spent on time tracking. Removing benefits multiple times a year. There is a lot of money pinching even to excess where it is probably costing more money in the long run.


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Current Employee - Software Developer says

"Where to begin..I came here from a great defense company and regret the decision ever since. The business is collapsing. Just google consumer reviews of bizrate and parent company synapse group to get a sense of all the problems facing the business. Pay is 25% lower than peers. Benefits get cut multiple times a year. The president / ceo is not a good person, enough said. If you’re seriously considering bizrate then you’ve run out of options as I thought I did two years ago. Honestly this business shouldn’t exist and will likely get shut down by regulators soon due to all the privacy issues."


"Everything about Bizrate. The exec team only has management experience from working here, so they pass along bad tactics on how to manage people and their teams. They only promote people that are their lap dogs; never for hard work, experience or accomplishments made at the company. The type of work is suited for someone out of college that needs to be told what to do at all times. The product is outdated and they are not open to any new ideas from the the younger generation. A very strange place to work. Any positive review is completely false, majority of the people there dislike their job. Some more than others, dependent on their manager."

Current Employee - Software says

"The slow erosion of company perks and benefits."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"The salary is way below market rate (about 20-25%) There is a lack of long term planning on the business side such as: * Being assigned to work on things you were not hired for. * Lack of work because of external resources that are blocking. You will spend a lot of time in meetings and most of them are spent on "rituals" without much actual value. A lot of time will be spent on time tracking. Removing benefits multiple times a year. There is a lot of money pinching even to excess where it is probably costing more money in the long run."

Katie Nall, Ph.D. says

"Cannot delete this virus from my system"

jk says

"Completed a survey for Bizrate. When it was time to continue the survey to get my reward, it would not continue."

Paul Brunemeier says

"Bizrate offered mag subscriptions in exchange for me filling in a survey. I filled in the survey, went to the link for the mags, picked my mags, and oops! No way to complete the transaction or enter a delivery address. Scam. Silly me."

John Knapp says

"Complete garbage. You answer enough questions so they get their data then you’re booted. This should be shut down"

CJ says

"Free magazine subscriptions are not a $100 value. Give me $100 or suffer bad reviews or be forward that it was for magazines and not $100."

Bernadette says

"Thanks for all the reviews. I kept filling out surveys and received nothing in return. Now I know about it."

Laurie Hanson says

"Charged me double the regular hotel rate, charged me a pet fee that they did not pass on to the hotel. Complete scam. Hampton Inn was totally appalled at the rate I was charged. Wouldn’t refund. I will inform every person I interact with forever about this complete rip-off. Especially my traveling colleagues."

Silver Entrekin says

"Every single time I agree to do a survey for a company I shop with that has a bizrate survey at the end claiming to enter me into a $25 daily drawing it never ever works. You answer the questions, then when it comes time to possibly “pay up” It crashes or I get a message, “Sorry we were unable to connect to our servers at this time.” Just clickbait for bizrate because they got the survey they are paid to get from you, got your email for free and now will begin the never ending email shower by them AND their “partners”. And what did you get? Nothing but an offer to do more surveys for more non existent rewards."

Jon Alexander says

"I purchased an aftermarket hood for my BMW 325 from and I just have to say, the part was very cheaply made. Remarkably, I was actually able to talk to one of their managers pretty quickly on the phone and she did a good job taking the time to speak with me, however, the product truly is junk in terms of quality, so buyer beware."

Natalie Macdonald says

"offers you a reward for your review in MAGAZINE subscriptions and i thought ok that kinda sucks but whatever - yea until they then want to charge you to process the subscriptions."

john herman says

"what a waste of my time oooh i qualified for 25.00 gift F-ing MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS biz rate can go suck a rock"

PeterJ says

"Spent nearly 40 minutes on a survey providing honest and thoughtful answers. After I completed the survey a Bizrate screen pops up and tells me I did not qualify because the computer thought I took the survey too fast and may not have provided honest answers which is not true. Don't you love it when a machine tells you you are wrong? I would give them zero stars but that was not an option. Forget Bizrate."

Josh says

"This is a fake review site. Most business owners who have this site on their webpage, have paid for 5 star reviews."

Judy Banner says

"This is a scam. I completed a survey and then find out that I am signed up for 4 magazines, and somehow they have my credit card and have charged my card for these magazine subscriptions manually. When I called to cancel they acted like I did this on purpose, then wanted to offer reduced rates for the same magazines if I would keep them. I refused because I did not want them in the first place. Do not take part of this scam."

Greg Jenkins says

"The only reason I gave one star is it is the lowest rating! Bizrate is a SCAM. Do not use them. Companies that do use them, I will not deal with again either. I did all of the procedures to get a $25 reward and then it came up to select the magazines. I selected the magazines and then had to pay 8.00 for handling. I wanted to see what would happen - after that they responded back that I took too long and it cancelled me out - Scam!!"

Howard Blonsky says

"After you purchase something from a company that uses Bizrate they pull you in with saying that give a $25 reward ten times a day...then, after you submit your personal information, they take you to a site that offers magazines to sign up for/buy and they say this is the $25 reward. Very deceptive and unprofessional. Also, they do not publish a phone number to get in contact with them so apparently they don't want to hear any complaints...Beware of their scam"

Donna Hart says

"I've had issues with surveys and the rating system of their businesses. First off the surveys are fraudulent. I would get surveys and try to take them. I'd be told it was worth a lot of points but when I submit them they say they reached their quota and was given maybe 50 points for my time. Many times I was sitting at my PC when the survey came in. I had already filled out a couple pages of survey information when this happened. I suspect by the time I put in my age that's why they won't use me. Then I bought merchandise from one of their listed business. I didn't even know this until a couple weeks later the survey came in to rate them. I never received my merchandise and the survey wouldn't let me rate them until I received it. So I hung onto the email so I could rate them later. 3 months later still no shipment and I had to contact PayPal for a refund. I contacted Bitrate to say I'd like to rate this company but the link they sent me will not work until I get my order. I told them the whole situation of how this company took my money and never sent my product and how they won't respond to emails. I asked how I could please rate them so other customers would know. This is the response I got. I felt like I was talking on deaf ears. Hello, Thank you for your email. is a shopping comparison and consumer rating site. We partner with retailers who list their products on our site. From these listings, customers are directed to our retail partner's site to complete their purchase. We do not charge customer credit cards. does not make, sell or ship any products. For specific questions about orders, products, product availability, refunds, shipping or payment options, please contact the retailer. If you have made a purchase and do not remember which retailer you purchased from, you can call your bank or credit card company and they should be able to provide a contact phone number or email address. In addition, I am sorry to hear you received the fulfillment survey before you received your order. The timing of the survey is self-selected. During the initial point of sale survey you took you were asked "When do you expect all of the items in your order to be delivered?" The date you selected determined the timing of the fulfillment survey. I recommend saving the survey for when you feel you can accurately rate the merchant from which you purchased. I hope this helps clear up any confusion. Have a wonderful day! If you have any additional questions please send them to help(at)"

Simon says

"Scam. After office max purchase they say to complete a survey to be entered to win a gift card. Actually, you complete the survey, then you have to enter the gift card giveaway separately and in the process agree to give away all your information to third parties. Very misleading and means I took 10 minutes to complete a survey for nothing. I was willing to give office max feedback on my purchase but not willing to then give info to a third party. Typical bait and switch."

mackthecat says

"BizRate is a total scam. You will waste your time attempting to complete a survey as it is nearly impossible to do so. After spending 5-10 minutes answering questions you are told you don’t qualify and are switched to another where you start the process all over again and again and again. If you do manage to reach 5000 points (the lowest amount to redeem for a $5 gift card) good luck redeeming. Customer Service is almost non-existent and useless. This company is really about selling magazine subscriptions that are cheap to begin with and then outrageously expensive and tricky to cancel. Do yourself a favor and don’t get involved on any level."

sexy1962 says

"i ordered a forklift on Monday. David told me no problem. Give me your cc number. We can get it to you the next day. The next day he calls says having problems finding one. Said ok but I need it tomorrow. Call me and let me know. Still no forklift. But charged my cc already. On Friday he finally called after he told me he would call by end of the day Thursday. Didn't! I called Friday told him I needed a refund on my cc. He called said good news. I said never mind. I have one and its delivered. He said oh ok where did you get it. I told him SUNBELT RENTALS. LUKE HE NEEDED TO KNOW ANYTHING bc he couldn't make it happen. Still on Tuesday no refund!!!"

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